Forecasting labour demand in Italy:

Excelsior is an Information System that provides forcecasts on labour market trends and needs of enterprises.

Key results

The Excelsior Information System is based on data collected through an annual sample survey conducted on over 100,000 Italian enterprises, corresponding to about 8% of the total Italian enterprises having at least one employee.

The observation field of the survey covers the universe of active private enterprises operating in agriculture, industry and services, that are registered in the Business Register and have at least one employee, except for:

  • Public administrations operative units;
  • Public enterprises in the health sector;
  • Public educational units in primary and secondary schools;
  • Public University units;
  • Other no-profit organizations.

The information derived from the Business Registers and others administrative archives covers the key characteristics of the enterprises and local units, such as economic activity, number of employees, localisation, legal form. It represents the basis for the sample design and for the procedures carry forward the data collected to the total population of Italian private enterprises.

The entities analysed are both the enterprise in its entirety and its local units in a single province.

Multi-established enterprises are requested to provide data broken down by "province".

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