Forecasting labour demand in Italy:

Excelsior is an Information System that provides forcecasts on labour market trends and needs of enterprises.

Key results

The final results of Excelsior, i.e. the survey data carried forward to the universe of Italian private enterprises having at least one employee, are generally available one month after the conclusion of the survey.

The quantitative and qualitative information is easily accessible and is regularly used by university researchers, officials of the regional and local administrations of the Italian regions and provinces, and policy makers in a variety of matters. It provides a concrete support for the evaluation of the actual needs of enterprises, for steering the labour supply towards the demand and in facilitating the matching between them, for the definition of policies concerning education and professional training.

The final results are disseminated soon after they become available through a variety of products targeted to different types of users with different levels of specialisation.

A first dissemination means consists in analytical databases released either on the Internet (, from which the detailed data can be extracted and tabulated by means of specific tools. Such tools enable the selection of specific cluster and analysis variables and the production of statistical tables.

The survey results are also released through a variety of statistical publications and reports. For the 2006 survey, the following releases are foreseen:

A set of 124 statistical publications containing the key data at national level, at regional level (20 NUTS 2 regions) and at “province” level (104 NUTS-3 regions).

A set of 10 statistical publications relating to particular themes, among which: life-long training activities provided by enterprises; occupational needs of the some specific sector (trade, tourism, ICT and cooperatives); occupational needs of high-tech and knowledge intensive activities; apprenticeship and “atypical” contracts; occupational needs for migrant workers. (see enclosure 1)

The results of the previous surveys have also been disseminated through other types of publications – including a detailed analysis - relating to issues such as the demand for labour in different geographical contests, immigrant work, job prospects of graduates and school leavers. Among these, we mention:

The Impact of Training on Productivity: Evidence from a Large Panel of Firms

Le lauree che valgono un lavoro guida agli indirizzi di studio richiesti dalle imprese [A guide to the fields of study more demanded by enterprises, graduation courses]

I diplomi che valgono un lavoro guida agli indirizzi di studio richiesti dalle imprese [A guide to the fields of study more demanded by enterprises, secondary school]

La domanda di lavoratori immigrati in Italia: previsioni occupazionali e fabbisogni professionali delle imprese [The demand for migrant workers in Italy: employment forecasts and professional needs of enterprises];

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