Forecasting labour demand in Italy:

Excelsior is an Information System that provides forcecasts on labour market trends and needs of enterprises.

Key results

Since 1997, the Excelsior Information System has been one of the Italian main sources of information on labour market forecast. It is promoted and produced by Unioncamere (Italian Association of the Chambers of Commerce) with the participation of the Ministry of Labour and the European Union.

The survey provides detailed information on the occupational needs of Italian enterprises, and is aimed at supporting the policies concerning the labour market and the education and training system, and at favouring the matching between labour supply and demand.

The Excelsior survey is included in the official statistics produced on an annual basis within the Italian National Statistical System (SISTAN).

The Excelsior Information System provides detailed and reliable information about the demand for labour expressed by Italian enterprises both in the short and in the long period, as well as its distribution over the territory and across the various economic sectors.

It also provides information about specific characteristics of the profiles required by the enterprises, such as age, educational level, type of contract, work experience, difficulty in recruiting specific profiles, need for further training, etc

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