Forecasting labour demand in Italy:

Excelsior is an Information System that provides forcecasts on labour market trends and needs of enterprises.

Key results

Annual forecasts

Excelsior provides forecast data on labour market trends and on occupational needs of enterprises on an annual basis. 2015 data are now available.

Quarterly forecasts

Access statistics on recruitment planned by enterprises during the quarter. Data are available at the national, regional and provincial levels.


Consult the Excelsior Occupation Database to find out the recruitment forecast trends and related characteristics. The database is integrated with the Italian Occupation Information System, implemented by ISTAT (National Statistical Institute), ISFOL (Institute for the Development of Vocational Training for workers) and Unioncamere.

Forecasting of labour market needs in Italy takes place through the Excelsior survey, which is conducted by the Italian Union of the Chambers of Commerce (Unioncamere) and funded by the Ministry of Labour (through the European Social Fund). This survey is part of the official statistics produced on an annual basis within the Italian National Statistical System (SISTAN).

Every year (since 1997) the survey covers a sample of over 100 ,000 private enterprises operating in Italy (180,000 private enterprises for quarterly survey) and provides detailed information on the characteristics of the labour demand in the country: in addition to the number of employees that the enterprises plan to recruit during the year and for next three months.
The data available cover several qualitative aspects, among which:

  • the specific occupations employers are looking for;
  • the educational level and the field of studies required;
  • the preferred age of candidates;
  • the experience;
  • the need to provide post entry training;
  • the difficulty of enterprises in recruiting the profiles required.
The Excelsior survey provides concrete support for:
assessing the actual needs of enterprises and their changes over time;
better matching between labour supply and demand;
the definition of policies on education and professional training.

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